Self Care


40% of GP appointments and 75% of hospital emergency attendances are for minor ailments which could be treated at home with self-care. The practice has joined the local Commissioning group’s campaign to empower patients to treat common conditions and minor ailments in a timely manner by visiting your pharmacist and purchasing over the counter medication rather issuing a prescription.

Self-care for common conditions and minor ailments will also mean that your GP has more time and it will be easier to get an appointment with them when you have a more serious or complex condition.

Changes to prescribing at this Surgery


This surgery has taken the decision NOT to prescribe these medicines except in exceptional circumstances. This is because they are freely available to buy in pharmacies and supermarkets  and most are cheaper to buy off prescription. Please do not be offended if we ask you to buy these medicines over the counter.

Acne creams    Antifungal creams/powders     Antiperspirants Bath oils  Bites and stings treatment  Calamine lotion Calpol®                       Chloramphenicol eye drops    Cold sore treatment Colic drops      Cough mixtures               Decongestants

Diarrhoea treatment    Dry skin creams     Ear wax drops Hay fever tablets                     Head lice treatment     Ibuprofen tablets Indigestion remedies     Laxatives    Mouthwashes

Nappy rash creams    Nurofen® liquid     Pain gels/creams Paracetamol tablets     Shampoos    Stop smoking products Sun creams              Teething gels    Threadworm tablets

Throat lozenges/sprays     Toothpaste    Travel medicines Tubigrip® bandages     Vitamin supplements and tonics Wart and verrucae treatments    Weightloss treatments

It costs the NHS three times more to prescribe these medicines than it does for you to buy them over the counter. This is your NHS – please use it wisely!

More information can be found on the  the local Commissioning group website

or by reading the leaflet on the link below

ask your local pharmacist - self care