Make an appointment

All patients are registered with the practice only, irrespective of whichever Doctor's name appears on the bottom of the patients NHS.

Every doctor within the practice is your doctor. As a patient you may request to see any doctor within the practice but please note you may have to wait longer to see your doctor of choice rather than the first free appointment with any doctor. 

The doctors  can be seen by appointment within the times stated. The Practice Nurses are available by pre booked appointments on Monday AM, Tuesday AM, Wednesdays AM & PM, Thursday AM & Friday AM & PM. 

Where possible the practice will try and provide a patient an appointment with the practitioner of their choice. If your problem is urgent, the practice will provide access to a primary care practitioner within 24 hours and any GP within 48 hours. If your problem is of a non-urgent nature, advanced bookings are encouraged to see the practitioner of your choice.

To book an appointment, please call our main switchboard number - 01675 442 510.

We do not arrange appointments by email.