Seasonal Influenza


FLU CLINIC – Dates for 2021 to be confirmed


Those eligible for seasonal influenza vaccines are: All those aged 65 & over and All those aged 6 months & over and in one of the clinical groups listed below

At risk clinical groups:        Chronic respiratory disease including asthma           chronic Heart disease

     Chronic renal failure                                                                   Heart failure

     Immunosuppression                                                                 Diabetes

     Chronic liver disease                                                   Pregnant Woman

     Some neurological conditions                                                Those in receipt of a carer’s allowance

     Those in long-stay residential care homes


Appointments will be available for booking after TBC. You will be able to book online or please call the surgery on 01675 442510 after 11 am to book your place at the flu clinic.  If you attend the luncheon club at Fentham Hall please do not book an appointment as we will be attending the lunch on that day and will vaccinate any patients that wish it.


The practice will also be offering flu vaccines to 2 and 3 year olds and will write to patients with details of the clinics available in due course.


For further information about why you should consider having the flu vaccine please access the leaflets below


The Flu vaccine and who should have it


children and the flu vaccine