Teaching and training

The practice is  a training practice and has qualified doctors (GP Registrars & FY2 Doctors) undertaking further training based at the surgery to gain experience in general practice under the supervision of Dr Rodger Charlton and Dr Ryan Prince.

Please inform the receptionist if you prefer not to see a student or a doctor in training.

Standing for 'Foundation year 2', the FY2 doctor is in their second year after finishing medical school. They come to the Hampton for a period of up to 4 months to gain experience in general practice. Some may choose to go on and specialise in general practice, whilst others use the experience gained to help specialise in other fields of medicine, such as surgery or pediatrics. They are under the direct supervision of one of the partners her at the surgery and often have longer appointment slots.

 The Registrar is a doctor who has already completed their basic medical training and is now specialising to become a general practitioner. They are usually at least 2 years after finishing medical school but often have several years experience of another branch of medicine before becoming a GP. They will be working towards their specialist exams as set down by the Royal College of GPs - MRCGP - a qualification all trainees now need to hold before they can work independently. They work under the direct supervision of one of the trainer GPs in the practice,  and hence can often have slightly longer appointments than one of the other GPs