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Welcome to Hampton Surgery

Welcome to the Hampton Surgery website, where you can access the wide range of health services available at our surgery. The site contains a vast range of health information and resources, along with practical information on visiting the surgery. We hope you find the website useful and informative.



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    Patient information

    Please note - from Monday 8th November 2021 Queries that we will no longer be able to action or respond to via email. Appointment or clinical advice requests – please can you call reception on 01675 442510 to book an appointment. Prescription requests – At present we will accept via telephone however no longer via email. You can also order your prescription via the Patient Access service, if you are not registered with this service then please collect a form to complete from reception or print off from our website using the following link - Hampton Surgery - How do I - Online Access - You can also visit us and place a paper request in the prescription request box in reception or put through our letterbox when we are closed. Requests for medical records – your records can be accessed by signing up to the patient access service, please collect a form at reception or access and print via Hampton Surgery - How do I - Online Access - If signing up to this service is not possible for you or easily accessed then we will accept a letter stating exactly what records you require, please include dates of records required, if known. Covid 19 requests for proof of vaccination - you can download the NHS App, My GP App or sign up to the Patient Access Service to access your Covid vaccination passport. If you have sent us a photo it will be added to your medical record and be used to help manage your care. The images will be stored securely and not be used for any other purpose without your express permission. Please can we ask that you contact the practice to discuss with us if you are not happy for your images to be stored as part of your medical records.

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