Influenza Vaccination

In accordance with Department of Health guidelines, we recommend an influenza vaccination to patients over the age of 65 years or those living in a nursing or residential home and to those with Diabetes, Kidney problems, Asthma and Heart Problems, are pregnant or have a reduced immune system should also be vaccinated. Appointments for flu vaccinations are made between September to December each year. T

Childrens Flu Vaccination: The Department of Health has recommended the routine annual flu immunisation programme be extended this year to all children are aged 2,3,. The extended programme is expected to appreciably lower the public health impact of flu by directly averting a large number of cases of disease in children, and, through lowering flu transmission in the community, indirectly preventing flu in unvaccinated younger children, people in clinical risk groups, and older adults. T

Shingles Vaccination: Shingles is a debilitating condition, which occurs more frequently and tends to be more severe in older people. It is estimated that around 250,000 people are affected in England and Wales each year, including 30,000 people in their 70s. Around one in 1,000 people over 70 who get shingles die of the infection. 

 We will not be able to administer shingles vaccines  at our standard flu clinic